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The Mangrove Sanya is located in the center of Haitang Bay in Sanya. The overall design concept of the hotel is built by Atkins, a famous British design company. The main building is gorgeous and elegant, with fashionable streamline shape, inside and outside light and shadow show, and 820 meters beach coastline. It is regarded as one of the new landmarks of Sanya.
The hotel has more than 500 guest rooms, including 18 full sea view parent-child duplex suites and 29 waterfront villas built by Italian designers with the theme of Star Alliance. Located on the 33rd floor of the air apron, one stop direct, private check-in. The lighting art lobby and the art corridor of the guest room are all operated by the famous Czech designer Milan sipaike. The furniture of Spain's vondom brand, the new favorite of international fashion, is all over the hotel.
Six special dining bars provide guests with global cuisine. The cloud Pavilion bar on the top floor of the hotel, 126 meters from the ground, is a place for private parties, fashion weddings and high-end customization.
The total area of the conference and banquet venue is more than 3200 square meters, and the coral banquet hall covers an area of 1836 square meters, which can accommodate 1450 people to hold a grand banquet.
In addition, the future tower, an outdoor venue near the sea, covers an area of 6800 square meters. It is an excellent place for holding conferences, dinners, theme parties and weddings.
The hotel has six theme swimming pools, children's clubs, recreation and Sports Center, mangrove spa, indoor and outdoor sports and other entertainment, which can fully meet the entertainment needs of the guests and make their holidays wonderful.
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FAQs when booking at The Mangrove Sanya
  • How far is the hotel from Sanya Phoenix International Airport?

    The Mangrove Sanya is 35.4km from the airport.

  • Does The Mangrove Sanya offer airport shuttle service?

    Yes, please contact us with flight number to arrange it after booking a room.

  • What are the check-in and check-out time at The Mangrove Sanya?

    Check-in time is from 15:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at The Mangrove Sanya.

  • Does The Mangrove Sanya have a pool or gym?

    Yes, the hotel has a pool and gym. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does The Mangrove Sanya have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does The Mangrove Sanya offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does The Mangrove Sanya accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does The Mangrove Sanya accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at The Mangrove Sanya?

    Each costs cny238 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at The Mangrove Sanya?

    The room prices is from cny1479, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

Reviews more
  • Ren-concierge
    Breakfast during the epidemic is very common, less things, but the hotel price is very affordable, 180 degree sea view room view is very beautiful, is a good experience, will choose to stay again
  • leili281
    Beautiful environment, fashionable decoration, very good resort hotel.
  • joyway123
    The front desk is great, Robin. The service is great.
  • E Lu Man-edge
    During the epidemic, the hotel with the best protection and safety is also the hotel with the most ventilated lobby. Thank you for Xiaoliang's warm service. The hotel room is big enough, the sea view is invincible, not Atlantis can only 45 degree angle to see the sea can compare!!!
  • yunyun1128
    The hotel is good, but unfortunately the weather suck.
  • jiu1960
    Too bad. I didn't return my ID card information when I checked out. We couldn't register at the next hotel
  • luxia_0921
    It's a great experience, a super five-star experience, more than all the words!
  • dxelf
    Overall, it's good
  • betty_yin
    The scenery in the hotel lobby is beautiful. Thank you for arranging a beautiful room. The breakfast is also very good. The night view of the hotel is super beautiful. The little brother of the painting box took pictures for me so that I won't lose this trip!
  • cindyliuliu
    The service is as good as ever. The design of the hotel is very beautiful and the natural landscape is also super beautiful. In particular, the service attitude here is the best in Haitangwan Hotel, especially the front desk housekeeper Kelly zhanxingzhong. The service is friendly and efficient. He upgraded our room for free
  • lovemyu
    All aspects of the hotel are great! Before I saw many negative comments in the comments, I felt a bit up and down. But I'm glad we didn't step on any of the thunder we met. I live in a parent-child room, and the children's facilities are relatively perfect. The quality of hotel staff is very good, polite and meticulous. The facilities are damaged and the decoration is not meticulous enough, but the flaws do not hide the good. It's for fun to come out and play. We always have to be optimistic. However, the swimming circle of the children's swimming pool has to be used for a fee, which is a bit unreasonable. This is the first time I have lived in so many resorts.
  • binbin6315
    There are too few things for children to play with. You should pay attention to bringing children to this hotel. The duplex room is OK, but it's too inconvenient. You need to move your luggage up and down by yourself. It's not as good as the large flat floor
  • fu5969
    For the first time, I took my children to Sanya. It was very warm to stay in this hotel. The rooms were equipped with automatic equipment and convenient. The balcony could see a long coastline at a glance, which was very suitable for parent-child travel. The complimentary travel photos were also in place. I took a lot of good-looking photos, washed them out and reissued them. Finally, I wanted to thank the customer service staff. I forgot to bring back two pairs of shoes and called to ask, Help me find it in time and mail it home. First class after-sales service. Next time I'll come back to Haitang Bay Mangrove hotel
    Why is there no 7 star service? I like the little girl Ho Li at the front desk.
  • dufeng_cf
    The hotel room is good. The room we ordered is very cost-effective. The breakfast is almost not rich enough. The beach and sea water in Haitang Bay are still not suitable for children. The hotel's thermostatic swimming pool is also good. Generally speaking, I'm very satisfied
  • aladi
    Rich breakfast, convenient parking, large room, modern and simple decoration style, suitable for vacation!
  • lwtrl
    Good environment, good service and good food.
  • ailvyou163
    The hotel is very large and the attitude is very good. The only thing is that the housekeeping department is a little slow in delivering things. There are few people on the day of check-in. I checked in directly at the hotel at one o'clock. We live on the 25th floor, with a great sea view! Thai Restaurant curry is delicious! Do not order cold papaya?? The buffet dinner and dinner were very good.. There are a lot of people for breakfast. The hotel swimming pool is very small and not all of them are open. For Haitang Bay, which can't go to the sea, the lack of characteristics of the swimming pool is really a big defect! But very quiet, suitable for lovers or the elderly... In short, it was a good experience.
  • j1234y
    Sanya, which was originally very busy, suddenly became quiet. Hotel from the entry to the front desk are all wearing masks, in this special period, people feel very relieved. Thank you very much for Xiaojin's warm service, which makes me feel the warmth of the hotel in this special period
  • gary415
    Overall, it's not bad
  • Jetable
    The hotel has a good environment, large and spacious rooms, facing the sea and a wide view.
  • linjudy
    The hotel environment is very good! The waiter greeted the guests with a smile. Very good service attitude. In particular, my housekeeper Zhan Xingzhong, who is handsome, treats the guests like fire. He is very considerate and careful. He is very considerate from check-in to check-out. Thank you very much, handsome man. I will choose this hotel in the future.
  • tdd_bb111
    Warm and comfortable environment is very good.
  • landyanego
    Very much?? Our hotel
  • A small fish
    The hotel has a good sense of technology and design. The designer uses a lot of lighting lines. No wonder everyone says that Haitang Bay Mangrove is the most beautiful in Haitang Bay Hotel at night. Thanks for Mengmeng's service. It's great. It's a hotel worth punching in many times!
  • fanloving
    A very beautiful hotel, especially Mr. Han, the lobby manager of the hotel, is worthy of the quality of a five-star hotel! Smart problem solving, perfect travel experience!
  • dd1927
    that's OK. on the whole.
  • m05235745
    He stayed in the mangrove hotel under the name of 7-star hotel. When he arrived at the hotel at about 2 o'clock, he was told that the room had not been cleaned out and waited for more than an hour. As a result, when he arrived at the room, he found that he was arranged in the sea view room close to the inside, he could only see half of the sea view. He also informed the staff to wait for 2 hours to check in smoothly. He didn't answer the phone at any time when calling the front desk. Possible reasons for the epidemic are that many public areas of the hotel are not open, and the overall hotel environment is very good.
  • joycece
    Breakfast is good
  • locusta_gw
    Mangrove hotel has never let me down. Both hardware and software facilities are very good. The staff are warm and kind. Like my family, a little girl has served us for two consecutive days. The room is very clean. At the end of the bed, she folded a lovely dog with a towel to send my daughter. It's very considerate! I remember the name of this lovely little girl: Li saifang, a native of Hainan, is very simple and sincere! In short, it was a pleasant journey
  • dystone
    The decoration style of this hotel is modern, a little office building, business apartment style, unlike resort hotel. I feel that the furniture in the room is very low-grade and rough. The toilet is a remote-controlled intelligent toilet, but it will automatically turn over when approaching, which will make people surprised. The sea view room has a good view.
    Service Center Xiaole, so gentle. Every staff member I met is very good. I like it here. Come back next time with children. Ha ha, praise. Walk about 600 meters to 68 Food City and have a meal. Thai food in the hotel is also OK.
  • Garfield2010
    Children like it too much
  • a879174861
    Very good. The hotel is great. The service is very good
  • bibo111
    The lobby is very ventilated. Although it's a little cold, it seems to be a good thing for the current epidemic! Xiao Xu at the front desk is very responsible. He takes the temperature and registers the information. He still feels very reliable!
  • S small shrimp
    The hotel's hardware facilities and software services are very good. Xiaowen, the housekeeper in charge of reception and service, is also very considerate. He will choose to stay here when he comes to Haitang bay next time.
  • e03464575
    It's great. Breakfast is delicious
  • Jane.tian
    Except that the breakfast was not very delicious, everything else was very good. The scenery was very beautiful. The balcony was also very good. The room was very clean and there was no smell. The service was very good, but the meal was not delicious. I hope it will be strengthened
  • jerrycici
    Thank you, Mr. Xu Ruirui
  • luopoer3
    On the first day, when I entered the room, I felt very rough from the decoration details. The top of the balcony and many parts of the interior wall were delaminating. One side of the toilet faucet was broken. The waiter didn't come to repair it. The electric curtain creaked. As a result, it broke down the next day. In the morning, someone was arranged to repair it. In the evening, it broke down again. The daily hygiene of the waiter was also very rough, Very disappointed! It's also called seven star hotel. From facilities to service, it's the worst experience of five-star hotel I've ever stayed in
  • SUPER Baby
    The morning service was very good, and the soup service at the front desk was very good
  • nicole_nana
    The hotel is very good, the room is clean and tidy, and the sea view is great! Amy Wu at the front desk provided very good service and manager Jin was very friendly. Lin jiangxue, who cleaned me, should also be praised. Beautiful Hainan sister, come back next time!
  • Tina226
    The service was particularly good
  • e00136340
    Hygienic and clean, with a variety of breakfast
  • e00970744
    It's a very modern hotel. The environment and facilities are very good, giving people a sense of atmosphere. The lobby is facing the magnificent sea view of Haitang Bay. The air from the sea is cool, and the catering is also very good. It's quiet and suitable for vacation. It's not as noisy as Atlantis. I think Haitang Bay is the best hotel.
  • c16757389
    There's a parking lot! Good breakfast! Suitable for baby
  • darwin689
    It's not as good as expected. Maybe it's because the expectation is too high. The concept of hotel design is very good and high-end technology, but the materials used for hotel decoration are too poor. 6-star appearance design and 4-star decoration!
  • e00891038
    The check-in experience was really good. The front desk also helped us upgrade our room
  • d01166648
    The location is OK. The decoration of the hotel room is relatively general, and the exterior view is very beautiful. The better thing is that there is a heated swimming pool where children can swim. The hotel room needs to be upgraded. The appearance is 7 stars, but the actual occupancy is up to 4 stars
  • AN Aberdeen Columbia
    The environment was good and the service was up to standard. Housekeeper Xiaoyu is OK.
  • Jessie-min
    Nice location
  • cruiser0730
    Breakfast is not bad. It has a wide variety and many styles.
  • Sally19790516
    Very bad?? Except for the appearance of the hotel, the interior decoration was in a mess. There were traces of paint and cement falling off everywhere. No one cleaned it. There were large cracks on the edge of the door handle. Basically, every room was clear when you walked through the corridor on the 12th floor. Breakfast is crowded into the farmers' market. It is said that seven stars are purely boring. Two or three-star guest houses are more in line with it. Can't you imagine that hotel managers are paid for nothing?
  • jaryso
    It's good to look at the pictures when booking the hotel. The actual quality of the decoration is very general. Some walls are moldy. I feel that they are at the level of a three-star hotel. I always feel pricked when I sleep and there is sand on the bed. It also has the advantage of 180 degree sea view room. The sea view is really great.
  • leledegou
    We stayed in this hotel in Sanya on the evening of the 13th. We thought it was very good in all aspects. There was a constant temperature swimming pool open and the children had a good time. So it's been renewed for another 18.19 nights. Their service was very good. During this period, we sent an express delivery. As a result, the express delivery in this place stopped and the things were put back to the hotel. Unexpectedly, the hotel helped us to send Shunfeng out as soon as possible. This was only known when we left the hotel. There is check-in when the hotel to see that we have a birthday, but also prepared a birthday cake! In a word, I'm very satisfied. I also like Xiaoli??, The service was considerate and considerate!
  • feigou
    The price is a little expensive during the Spring Festival. Everything else is OK.
  • ideaman
    The hotel has good location and convenient access; Complete facilities and large room area; Rich varieties of breakfast, lunch and dinner; With beautiful environment and excellent ecological environment, it is the best choice for people's leisure, tourism and vacation!
  • cailang
    All aspects are quite good. After all, the new hotel just doesn't use hair dryers and telephones very well. If there are free coconuts for breakfast, it's good. After all, it's not expensive. It's better to reflect the enthusiasm of the hotel. It's better to continue to improve the hotel room facilities
  • e02429230
    Very good, very cost-effective.
  • e02516790
    I feel good here with my friends this time!
  • e00176828
    Housekeeper Xiao Zhang's service was very good, warm and thoughtful, thank you!
  • metalslayer
    The hotel facilities are very good, the maintenance is not good
  • jason77886
    The second time I stayed, I felt very good. I'll settle here in the future
  • xtfoto
    Special thanks to mangrove Hotel housekeeper Yan Zhigang for his warm and thoughtful service.?????????? Next time you check in, please contact Xiao Yan directly??
  • j30286919
    The first time I stayed in your hotel, I felt full of science and technology, the lobby was transparent, and the streamer at night made me unforgettable! The old man was not feeling well. Xiao Na, the customer service, gave a delayed check-out, warm and posted??, Like her??, Look forward to meeting again!
  • cndama
    The environment and scenery of Haitangwan mangrove hotel are very good. It's just that it's a little slow to deliver room supplies. Everything else is OK. Every time you come to Sanya, you have to stay in the hotel. I hope you can stay at the lowest price.
  • luweiyx
    Very good hotel